"Your patients, their personal medical data"

The first application (smartphone) offered by SnabbMed is a legal and secure communication environment between clinics, physicians and patients as well as the transfer and storage of sensitive medical data. Legitimacy lies on the implementation of the  General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R.) with all the prescribed requirements and conditions, while the security concerns the universal encryption of the operating system and the use of dedicated servers within the EU.

  • Electronic Medical Record (E.M.R.)
  • Specialized chat within E.Μ.R.
  • Upload/download medical documents etc 
  • Fully organized medical office / IVF clinic
  • Communicate with your patients easily and save working time

Life in Vitro Online

"Manage efficiently I.V.F. data"



This second application (browser) is a system for recording and retrieving medical data. Users of the system log in by using special credentials. The user is identified using the OpenID Connect end-user authentication protocol and the medical data are encrypted and stored in a specially designed storage compliant with the requirements of G.D.P.R. The application supports the storage of medical data related to assisted reproduction operations. The data collected are sufficient to control the acts of assisted reproduction provided by the laws of the state.