The service offered by SnabbMed is a legal and secure communication environment between doctors and patients as well as the transfer and storage of sensitive medical data via smartphones. Legitimacy lies in the implementation of the existing legal framework (G.D.P.R.) with all the prescribed requirements and conditions, while the security concerns the universal encryption of the operating system and the use of dedicated medical servers within the EU. Every doctor will be able to create closed “communities” with his patients in order to communicate safely and legally with them. In this way he will be able to have a more effective monitoring of the health of his patients, while patients in turn will enjoy the assurance of the immediacy of communication. Their communication will be via chat or video call and all relevant information will be stored in the personal digital medical file of each patient along with the corresponding documents (hematology, x-rays, photos of rashes, etc.). In this way we achieve the following: more efficient use of technology for the benefit of doctor-patient interaction, personal medical file immediately accessible and functional to better utilize all available medical information for the benefit of the patient, digital organization of all necessary medical information. Virtually every doctor acquires and organizes a digital “doctor’s office” with all the implicit benefits for both himself and his patients.